Saturday, 4 March 2017

First pair of designer shoes...

I've always lusted over having a pair of designer shoes, but I've never actually wanted to splurge the £400+ price that it would cost me. To me it seems like something I should wait until I'm a bit older for as there are things which are a higher priority for me to be spending my money on right now. But when I came across these I just couldn't resist.

Like I said I don't want to buy any full price luxury items right now, so i'm always scrolling through the sale pages on websites hoping to find a bargain. It was just meant to be. There I was scrolling through just having a browse not intending to purchase anything... when I came across these gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Usually the price range for their shoes are around £400-£1000 but these were discounted to £149 and only had one pair left in stock. My size! I was over the moon and just had to have them. They are a dream.

As soon as they came I couldn't wait to try them on, I'm a size 3 and I would say they are true to size however they are quite narrow and there is not much space to move your toes around so I am expecting my first wear to be a little painful. They are the perfect height for me, I like my heels to be high but some other pairs of Giuseppe Zanottis I have seen online are extremely high which wouldn't be appropriate for me. I'd end up breaking my neck or something! The colour is just stunning and I can see them looking amazing with a fitted black dress or casual jeans. I'm so excited to wear them for the first time but so anxious that I'm going to spoil them, but they are far too nice just to sit in the box.

What was your favourite shoe purchase? Let me know in the comments! Oh and let me know what sort of outfit you think I should wear with these shoes, ideas would be appreciated :)